How Mahatma Gandhi NREGA SAMMELAN -2011 Justifies the 'principles' of the Mahatma which have nothing to do with NREGA-just a joke of the pririnciples?

The novo rich and the rajas and people under the mafias thought to give some work or some other help to the poor people of villages in India for whom generaly the Mahatma fought the rulers to leave the country so as toup lift the people of India whohad been suffering at the hands of the foreign rulers.
But Gandhiji had never thought that all his efforts and work would go so soon to waste. for the villagers and to small cities etc.
And it it looks very shamewful tous toadd his name asMAHATMA GANDHI toNREGA AND TO THE SAMMELAN TOO,as Mahatma even in his dreams never thought that the same country will give villagers the work for a few weeks in a year to them for just to survivethe whole year. Is it a joke not played on the poor and which is so propagated in the media with photoes of elite( most of them may have not known about the Mahatma s work and for what he was called as Mahatma) but add to insult Gandhis photo is also displayed, as to mis guide the public that it was the will of him to give the poor just to survive all theyear on mearage wage for a few weeks only.
It may be better if the offcials may kindly stop the use of Mahatma's nameand photo wh wanted full and not the partial right to live and enjoy life well and not as slaves.