How smart: USB drive wristbands

Memory on Hand USB flash bracelet.Memory on Hand USB flash bracelet.Andrew Kitzenberg knows the drill: Students need easy access to their digital files when they're working away from their desks -- at the library, in a computer lab, or at a friend's place. So why not make access stylish, too?

Andrew was a student at Babson College when he started developing his idea for a wristband that conceals a 2 gigabyte USB storage drive for easy, anytime access to electronic files. His Memory On Hand bands have a casual look that's geared for kids and young adults -- and functionality that any computer user on the go can appreciate. Andrew tapped the resources of Babson's incubator program to fine-tune his business plan, and he had the first wristbands manufactured in April, just before his graduation. A trial sales run at a Massachusetts school shows he's on to something: The Memory on Hand wristbands sold out in 24 hours.

We heard about Memory on Hand from Stephanie Rogers. While Andrew Kitzenberg, Memory on HandAndrew Kitzenberg, Memory on Hand going to college and developing his new business venture, Andrew babysat Stephanie's kids (on the right with Andrew). "Kids these days do schoolwork in more than one place. Hopping between the home computer and the computer lab at school means transporting data. Most USB drives are easy to forget and easy to lose," Stephanie says. "Andrew's wristband is a kid pleaser, plus it's convenient and stays with them. It's on the top of our back-to-school list this year!"

Buy the Memory on Hand USB flash bracelet here.

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