How To Accessorize All Those Printed Dresses Hanging In Your Closet

By Lauren Tardanico, Glamour magazine

If you've got loads and loads (or even one or two!) of printed dresses hanging in your closet but are tired of just wearing 'em as is, today's post is for you. See how I spotted one of our fashion editors, Jillian, wearing hers today, and tell us what you think!

I know that most of you aren't fans of the socks with sandals look, however, Jillian looks adorable and pulls it off so well (and frankly, I totally dig the hosiery trend!) that I had to share her outfit. I love that she switched it up and went sans tights, but added the faux fur vest to keep her look weather appropriate (and I love even more that she wore it over a print as opposed to your standard solid). And for those of you that live in areas way too cold for bare legs, swap out the socks for gray wooly tights.

(Obsessed with Jill's look? Shop it here for less.)

What's your take on today's look, ladies? Have you tried the socks with sandals look? How have you rocked it? What about your faux fur vests? How have you been wearing those?

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