How to Create the Perfect Mudroom

Winter months can be when the most dirt (muddy snow, anyone?) gets tracked into the house. But, mudrooms can also be a handy year-round, all-purpose prep space for your home. Here are some creative solutions homeowners and architects have come up with for household clutter and ick issues.

Hose-down Area

Whether you live in a rainy climate, where dogs and kids track in mud, or near the beach, where you're always sweeping up sand, a small shower stall in the mudroom can make life tidier. A ground-floor basin with a drain and a wall-mounted handspray easily accommodate dirty boots, feet, and paws. Make sure to keep a stack of towels handy for drying off, and place boot trays nearby to hold wet footwear as it dries.

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Potting Sink

A shallow sink with a wall-mounted faucet contains the mess of indoor repotting and watering chores for a green thumb's mudroom. A restaurant-style pot washer might also be installed to handle large pots and buckets. Containers, fertilizers, and gardening tools can be stored in the cabinet under the sink or on shelves above it.

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Sports-Gear Lockers

Baseball, tennis, basketball, hockey-when kids' sports commitments go year-round, their uniforms, shoes, and equipment overtake closets, bedrooms, and spare space in the garage. Designating mudroom lockers for sports uniform and equipment storage puts an end to that, making today's game kit ready on pegs in individual cubbies.

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