How to Deal with a Suspected Stalker

My girlfriend of 6 months and I broke up more than 3 months ago but she does not seem to be taking the hint. The calls, emails and texts still come at all different hours of the day, she has been spotted in my office building (she doesn't work here) and most recently I ran in to her at a restaurant while I was on a date. It took some effort to avoid a scene, and she has not stopped reaching out to me. I don't want to be a jerk and am trying to respect her feelings but I am starting to get the sense that I am being stalked. What is the best course of action in this situation?
Legal Expert Ken Schoen's Answer:

Sure sounds to me as though you are being stalked, and it serves as a reminder that this is a gender-neutral issue that can have serious consequences. Assuming you have made it absolutely clear that you want no further contact, your first concern should be to protect your own safety. Circumstances like yours can escalate quickly, even where one would not think the other person poses a serious threat. If her behavior is continuing, I suggest in an abundance of caution that you speak to someone at your local police precinct or courthouse to obtain a temporary restraining order.

A restraining order, or an order of protection, is a straightforward and simple legal way to gain protection for oneself from harm from another person. You can do this without a lawyer.

While these orders are typically obtained to protect against spousal abuse, they are often used to address situations such as yours. You only have one life, and any lawyer's mother will tell you that it is better to be safe than sorry (or worse).......continue reading on

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