How To Find More Storage In Any Bathroom

By Tina Gleisner, HomeTips4Women

The smallest rooms in the house are typically bathrooms, and we try to stuff quite a bit into them. The problem with too much stuff … is you can't find what you want, when you want (need) it. Let's explore how you can find and/or create more storage in your bathroom.

bath-door-hooks2-a4who1Hiding Behind Your Door

Adding hooks to the back of your door is perfect solution most of the time. The door is open and no one even sees what's hanging there. Depending on your door style, you can install hooks on the top and bottom of your door, which is very helpful with young children. Hooks are available as singles, doubles or there is quite a selection of multiple hook fixtures such as the one shown here (purchased at Lowes).

bath-rolling-shelf-a4whoBathroom Vanities That Work for You

Vanity height varies from the traditional 30 to 32 inches, when the wash bowl sat on top, to today's taller vanities that are 34 to 36 inches … and don't forget to add 1.5 to 2 inches for the counter top. There aren't any rules about tall vanities, much like kitchen pantries (when you have a long wall to work with.) To maximize storage capacity in your vanity, try adding sliding shelving so everything is accessible.

bath-shelving-a4whoExtra Shelving to Use Wasted Space

Bathrooms are usually tucked between larger rooms and they often have unusual spaces because they're next to the hallway or backed up to a closet. When you're short on storage space, you can add shelving in these spaces with a standard unit if it matches a standard width like 12, 15, 18 or 24 inches … or build a custom unit as shown here (to left of bathtub). With one of the walls behind the shower and bath fixtures, the shelving was designed so it could be removed to provide access to the plumbing if needed.

Combination Seating and Storage

Window seats are another choice for adding storage to a bathroom or bedroom. They provide a place to lay out clothing, dress small children and store lots of bulky items like towels and children's toys. Larger bathrooms with platforms surrounding a tub are another source of hidden storage, where you can build in drawers or other access to make use of space below.


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