How to Get an Affordable Haircut at the Country’s Best Salons

The $800 haircut still exists, but at the country's best salons, so do its $20 and $40 cousins. The next generation of top stylists need to hone their scissor skills somewhere, and training nights-common weekly practice at most salons-are where it all begins. Under the guidance of a senior stylist, apprentices and assistants go beyond the basic blow-dry with the most current cuts and color. There's nothing to lose-except a few inches. See the list below for participating salons-call ahead for appointments.

-Christina Han


(617) 585-6498
Mon. @ 6pm
Cuts are complimentary
Color from $40

Mario Russo
(617) 424-6676
Tues., Wed., and Thurs. @ 6-8pm
Cut & color complimentary

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Redken @ Salon 1800
Every other Friday, 6-9pm
Cut & color complimentary

Salon at ULTA
Tues. and Thurs. @ 9-11am: Complimentary color on Tues.; complimentary cuts on Thursday with junior apprentices
Tues.-Fri. @12-4pm: Cut and color by advanced apprentices, 30 percent off


Academy Training Nights @ Neil George
(310) 275-2808
Every other Tues.
Cuts $15

Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon
(323) 799-1184
Wed. at 6pm
Cut $25
Color $35

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Butterfly Studio
Mon. and Wed. @ 6-9pm
Cuts $25-$35
Color $35-$50

Frédéric Fekkai (also in Greenwich, CT; L.A.; Dallas; Palm Beach)
Tues. (& all day Mon. only at SoHo)
Cut & color complimentary

Oscar Blandi
Wed. @ 5:30pm
Cut $40
Color $50

Bumble and bumble @ Bb. U
Mon-Fri. @ 9-5pm
Free cuts and colors after a model call

The Academy at Antonio Prieto Salon
Cuts from $45
Color from $45

Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon Downtown
(212) 879-0409
Wed. at 6pm
Cut $35
Single-process color $40
Highlights $60

Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon Uptown
(212) 879-0409
Wed. at 6:30pm
Cut $35
Single process $40
Highlights $60

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diPietro Todd Salon
(415) 693-5549
Mon. @ 8:45-9am and 1-1:15pm
Cuts from $15
Color from $20


Gary Manuel Aveda Institute
(206) 329-9933
By appt. only
Cuts from $20
Color from $40


Ted Gibson @ Hela Spa
(301) 951-4445
Every Wed. by appt. only
Cuts $75
Color $75

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