How to Get Lucky (Irish or Not)

Some say luck is something you're born with; others say it's something you create yourself. Then there are those who suggest you're lucky if you simply believe you are. So which is it?

It depends on who you are ... and when you ask! Fittingly on St. Patrick's Day today, Jupiter -- the planet associated with luck -- is in Aries, indicating that good fortune and action will go hand in hand. What's the action your sign can take to get your luck flowing?

ARIES: Work it!
As your sign-mate Thomas Jefferson said, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it." Let your efforts add up. As you consistently endeavor to make your life the way you want it to be, you increase your odds that fortune will smile down on you.

TAURUS: Follow the recipe.
You've been lucky before, and it was no accident. Remember the steps you took then, and follow them once again. Don't leave anything out. When you repeat a successful combination of actions, not only does it bring the outcome you desire, but it becomes ingrained in you.

GEMINI: Make more friends.
Your social savvy comes naturally, so why not use it to win the favor of fortune? Your excellent communication skills make it easy for you to connect, and each person you meet offers a chance to enrich yourself in some way. As your network grows, so will your opportunities.

CANCER: Develop a ritual.
Your innate spirituality is enhanced by ritual. Creating a series of behaviors to follow brings you in touch with the ethereal realm from which serendipity is born. Also, claiming objects as sacred makes you lucky. It doesn't matter if it's a pair of socks or a shark's tooth -- it's the significance you imbue within the item that makes it lucky.

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LEO: Practice happy-talk.
It's easy for you to see what's fantastic about circumstances and people -- all you have to do is voice what you already think. Your optimistic worldview makes everyone feel better, so by raising the overall tone with your positivity, you'll inevitably attract more goodness.

VIRGO: Give it some time.
Did you hear the story about the boy who broke his leg? His family thought it was rotten luck, until a week later when it saved him from being drafted for a war. Time changes our perception of what's lucky and what isn't. Sometimes the things that seem like incredibly poor fortune turn out to be the best luck of all.

LIBRA: Spread good karma.
What comes around goes around, right? If you're someone else's good-luck angel today, perhaps tomorrow it will be your turn to receive unexpected felicity from the universe. Of course, your rewards won't always come from the same source you helped -- and that's part of the fun!

SCORPIO: Trust your gut.
You get strong feelings about people and circumstances. There's information you just know ... even if you don't know why you know. Your internal impulses are already stronger than many people experience, so follow them! It's what all the luckiest people do.

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SAGITTARIUS: Ask for guidance.
Whether from the angels above or an experienced individual, ask to be led. It's the fastest way to get where you want to be. You're filled with youthful enthusiasm, and when you team with a wizened old soul, you'll be unbeatable!

CAPRICORN: Get a mentor.
You're naturally competitive, and sometimes you forget that not everyone is in competition with you. In fact, the one who's sitting in the pretty position you'd like to occupy just might be willing to help you get there. You'll increase your chances for good fortune when you seek out an adviser.

AQUARIUS: Imagine a sunny future.
Your ability to envision the future is a superpower of sorts. When you project a successful outcome not only for yourself, but for your loved ones and the world at large, your rose-colored version often unfolds in exactly the fortuitous way you predicted!

PISCES: Hang out with lucky people.
You have the uncanny ability to pick up the vibes of anyone around you. And when you're with the lucky ones, it rubs off. You don't even have to do anything in particular -- your fortunes improve just by being near the highly fortunate.

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