How to get Passionate Right Now!

Has your life been lacking passion lately? Are things not as hot and heavy as they used to be? Need that excitement back? Here's how to get that spark back into your life....(go on keep reading!!)

First things first - get your mind out of the bedroom! I'm talking about the things you were once passionate about. That thing that hauled your butt out of bed every morning. That powerful thought and urge that kept pushing you through when you thought you couldn't go another inch.

I thought about this when my best friend and I were speaking last night of the things we were passionate about. It was that passion that could drive us through a burning building, having us laughing afterwards and say, "Hell, it was worth it!" For some of us, that passion burns throughout our whole lives. For others, (like myself), it gets dimmed or even put out all together when the waves of life roll in - paying bills, taking care of your family, having children, contentment (aka, fooling ourselves into thinking its okay to settle), or an almost unshakeable fear of falling flat on our faces.

I am definitely guilty of some of these things but it took talking to someone I had known and that had known me my whole life to put it into perspective.

So, how can you get passionate again? I started out with this one simple question that I now pose to you:

As a kid, what did you love to do so much that you thought you would die if you couldn't do it?

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