How to Keep Champagne Bubbly

A friend recently asked how long she could store an opened bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine in the fridge. While it's best to consume the bottle within hours of opening for optimal freshness, there are two options for storing bubbly in the refrigerator. The first, and most effective, is a Champagne stopper, which hermetically seals in freshness and effervescence for up to four days. The second method, frowned upon by wine snobs the world over and dismissed as an old wives' tale, is to dangle the handle of a silver or silver-plated spoon into the bottle. I've found that the bubbly retains its fizz for about 24 hours, though it's admittedly not as sprightly as when it was initially opened. But it is a fun and stylish party trick. Better yet, to avoid the issue altogether, finish the bottle-or look for producers offering half-bottles (375 ml) or half-splits (187 ml). --Heather John

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