How to Make a Guy Not Lose Interest

It pays if you're able to hold the interest of a guy long enough to make him stay for the rest of his life. If you're dying to keep your man but you don't know exactly what to do, read on:

Never tell him that you're miles ahead of him.

While it may be true that you're better than your man, it isn't right to tell that to his face. You may be better than him at a lot of things but you have no right to make him feel inferior. Praise all the things that are good in him instead, this way, you win his affection for you and not push him away.

Ask him nicely, never demand.

It may be his duty to take the garbage out but don't drive him around like a slave or yell at him if he's not able to do all of his duties to a T. Appreciate all the things that he was able to do and just be patient with those that he wasn't able to accomplish.

Praise his amazing sexual moves.

Never tell him what he's incapable of - this is the very last thing that a man would like to hear from you. Let him know, instead, that you enjoyed every minute that you made love with him. Tell him of that particular move that made you twist with pleasure.

Don't comment on the size of his thingy - except to praise how big it is.

Don't start gauging your man according to the size of his organ. If it's too small (hide a grin there!), just keep it to yourself. If it made you happy then at least make him hear how much you enjoyed the deed.

You may hate his mom but never let him know.

His mom, his friends, and all the other closest people in his life are also the most important people for him. So if he hears you badmouthing them, then you're gonna end up a loser. Complain inwardly. You may tell your closest friends about your complaints but never fess up to your boyfriend.

Prove that he's with a lady.

Be a sweet, almost-fragile, composed lady. Always be level-headed, one who's in control of her emotions at all times. Be great at keeping the house, never let him see any disarray in your home.

Live a separate life at times.

You'll need some moments when you should be away from each other. You can't keep clinging to each other and seeing each other day in and day out. Take a breather every now and then by going out with your separate groups of friends.

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