How to Make Quick Work of Leaf-Clearing this Fall

When the leaves start piling up this fall, don't sweat it. Follow our advice and be ready to turn that age-old chore into, well, less of one.

1. The Best Leaf Blowers Money Can Buy

Our TOH-tested, high-powered yard-clearing arsenal will make fall yard clean up less of a chore. To make things easier this fall, we tested four categories of blowers-gas-powered blower-vacuums, electric blower-vacs, cordless blowers, and backpack blowers-to find the ones that stand out. The right tool for your yard depends on how much work the leaves leave for you.

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2. Reinvent the rake with these innovative designs that make easy work of clearing clods, leaves, and pebbles

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3. Pick the right multihead string trimmer for pruning, tilling, dethatching, aerating, and more.

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4. Shop the 10 best yard machines for a beautiful fall landscape, including chain saws, log splitters, leaf shredders, and more.

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5. Build a garden shed to create a clean, dry, and accessible locale for valuable yard tools and machines.

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Follow our Fall Landscaping Checklist.

Protect Ornamental Trees from Winter Damage: Pick the right pruners to trim dead limbs.

Get a Wheelbarrow or Cart. These will save you some time-and back pain-while gathering leaves.