How to Pack Your Beauty Booty For A Short Trip

By Staff

It's hard enough to cut down on the number of jeans or shoes you throw into your suitcase/carry-on when you're traveling. It's almost impossible to to leave your favorite beauty products behind. But, alas, we must, unless we want to pay that $75 baggage fee or have that $100 foundation (what a splurge!) confiscated at the security check. So, what's a girl to do? We asked Stylist and world traveler Leigh Heffron for her secrets. Hair: For all of us, a good or bad hair day is 'predicted' by the weather, and traveling is no exception. When packing your hair products, think about the climate you're traveling to, and how your hair would naturally respond to that weather at home! If you tend to get frizzy in humidity you will have NO NEED to pack your flat-iron for Jamaica - no matter how much you picture your long straight locks on the beach. Flat hair - don't bother lugging those bulky hot rollers to soggy London, it won't matter how fluffy you look in the hotel room if rain isn't your friend!


Body: Make small bottles of all of your faves...I buy the tiny empty travel bottles and fill them with all my goodies...moisturizer, shampoo, can be traumatic to change products just for a trip, but it can be way too expensive to buy doubles, even small ones of your good stuff. Don't get sucked into cheapie travel sizes if you prefer top shelf - just squeeze some out! I especially love this trick with perfume: I like to smell like myself especially when I'm far from home, but I don't want to lug my big beautiful bottle of glass perfume with me - with my luck it'll break and my whole airplane will be wearing Hermes! (There are worse things to smell like...) At your local drugstore, buy the small plastic travel bottle with the tiny spray pump. Unscrew the top, and 'pump' your perfume into it numerous times until you have a decent amount of liquid inside. The screw-on top and the plastic lid on the pump ensures that it shouldn't leak, and voila - you have a spray bottle of your favorite! A little goes a long way...but don't fret, even if you put more than you need in, just save it for the next trip - or stick it in your handbag for a night out!

spray-bottle-2oz hermesperfume

Bring touch-up nail polish!!!!!
Don't let a chip or two (it's bound to happen) stress you out. You took all that time to get a great mani/pedi before the trip, do you really want to sit and do it again when you could be on the beach or seeing the sights...(or shopping??) Touch up little spots - it'll save time and make you feel more "polished." Find 'BABY BRUSHES' Mini versions of your big honkin' brush that takes up half your bathroom do exist. For Leigh's favorite picks. click here!


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