How-To: Send Large Digital Files

Source: How-to: Send Large Digital Files

The convenience of USB drives and burning CDs only go so far. When you need to send large pictures, videos, or documents immediately, these relatively antiquated solutions just don't go the distance. Large file sharing requires the extra power of web services that send multi-MB data in a flash. Though there are dozens of file sharing sites available on the web, these are the ones we find to be the easiest and fastest solutions.

  • Adobe SendNow - Adobe's file sending software offers free uses up to 100MB, but paid plans start at just $10 and offer many premium options. With a paid plan, send multiple files at once, up to 2GB, and the service provides a confirmation that the file was received, so you're not fretting from your side of the Internet. An optional desktop app is available to easily drag and drop files to share.
  • Box - Sign up for an individual free account to store 5GB of data on the web and send files up to 25MB. Multiple-user business accounts start at $15 per month and offer higher data sending options.
  • DropSend - A free plan offers five transfers per month up to 2GB while premium options range from $5 a month for 15 shares and web storage to $99 a month for a business-friendly plan for unlimited shares and higher security.
  • YouSendIt - The site offers a free 14-day free trial to send high-quality videos, whole albums of music, and a ton of high-resolution photos at once, up to 50MB in size. Paid accounts start at $10 a month and allow or file transfers up to 2GB.
  • Dropbox - This service for Mac, Windows, and Linux, allows you to share files with authorized users who have also installed Dropbox on their machine. Dropbox is free to use for up to 2GB of storage, and subscription rates start at $10 a month for 50GB of storage up to $20 for 100GB, or more with a custom quote.

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