How to Streamline a Jam-Packed Schedule

If you feel too busy even to breathe, follow organizing guru Julie Morgenstern's four d's to free you up for what's really important: time for you and your family.

1. Delete. People constantly burden themselves with unnecessary tasks - like organizing the kitchen cabinets or everyday dusting - that take up too much time. For every task on your to-do list, ask if it really affects the quality of your life. If it doesn't, delete it.

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2. Delay. Does laundry honestly need to be done tonight, or will the family get by if you wait until Monday morning? Delaying a task - and setting a specific time to do it - can keep you from feeling overwhelmed in the moment.

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3. Delegate. Who says you have to do it all? Asking a neighbor to carpool or hiring a teen to mow your lawn is a simple way to clear your schedule for what really matters to you.

4. Diminish. Plenty of tasks can be minimized to fit your schedule - and save your sanity. Bakery cupcakes can substitute for homemade in a bake sale, and purchasing a gift card is much more efficient than an hour-long hunt for the perfect birthday present.

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