How-To: Unwind After a Rough Workday

Shaking off a rough day at work isn't always easy. Let go of the workday blues when you leave the office by taking time for yourself. There are plenty of ways to detach from the day's events and none of these ideas involve retail therapy - no need to make things worse by spending money you may not have. Check out these ways to unwind and then take a load off, working girl.

  • Take a Bubble Bath - Light a few tea candles to set the mood for a relaxing bubble bath. No bath in your bathroom? A hot shower with your favorite shower gel can be just as good.
  • Get Lost in a Book or Magazine - Books and magazines are perfect distractions after a long day.
  • Cook Dinner - As long as you enjoy cooking, stirring and chopping while filling the kitchen with delicious smells can be highly cathartic.
  • Go Kickboxing - If your gym offers a kickboxing class, take advantage of it and get out some of your pent up aggression from the long day.
  • Meditate - When we're used to everything being so hectic, it's easy to forget that quiet time is even a possibility.
  • Turn on the Tunes - Your favorite music can change the tune of your mood almost instantly.
  • Declare Nap Time - You're never too old for napping. Rejuvenate yourself after a rough day by closing your eyes in a quiet place and letting yourself doze off for 30 minutes or so.
  • Go For a Run - Exercise is a healthy way to beat stress, and a lot of you choose running as your post-workday workout and rough-day remedy.
  • Order-In - Once in awhile, caving in to takeout for dinner is just necessary - particularly after a long, demanding day.
  • Claim the Remote Control - Take your mind off of productivity for a moment, and give yourself a little break by plopping down on the couch. Catch up on your DVR, watch reruns of your favorite TV show, or pop in one of those movies that will never get old.
How Do You Usually Unwind After a Rough Workday?

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