Huh? Vogue flattens out Blake Lively's chest

Blake Lively, photographed by Mario Testino for VogueBlake Lively, photographed by Mario Testino for VogueWe know, we know, magazines use airbrushing to make models and celebs look "better." But in the media, "better" typically means younger, skinnier, healthier, less cellulite, fewer wrinkles, and perkier curves. Many stars have even shunned their own movie posters for adding cleavage they don't have, or whittling their waists. So we were really puzzled by this photo of Blake Lively in the June issue of Vogue. The "Gossip Girl" star is the magazine's latest cover girl, and was shot by Mario Testino on a surfing trip in San Diego wearing bathing suits. But as The Cut points out, there's something missing from the photograph at the left: her cleavage.

Blake Lively, who serves as her own stylist, has a proclivity for showing off her lady lumps--and with good reason! Her cleavage looks so good peeking out from dresses and jackets that there's been speculation that they are too perfect, and must be implants.

So why would Vogue airbrush out one of Lively's best physical assets? Her cleavage is gone! In fact her chest is completely smoothed out, and it looks like part of her collarbone has been erased. Perhaps Blake's cup size is too much for the curveless and model-thin demographic Vogue assumes it has. We'd rather marvel at her impressive ta-tas, as seen below. [Vogue]

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