Humboldt Squid Foodfest Recipes!

Recently, our local ocean waters were "invaded" by millions of giant Humboldt Squid (aka giant flying squid). chasing their meals.

The squid frenzy moved up the food chain to the fisher-men and -women! For a while, a rail position on any local sportboat was harder to find than a voter for Jimmy Carter. Squid fishing isn't for the prisyy girlie-girls or girlie-men. If I can do it, though, you can too!

What's so appealing? THESE THINGS ARE HUGE!!!!! Typical sizes are 3-6 feet in length, weighing 30-100 lbs. I love calimari, marinated squid planks, and FRESH squid in any form.

For example, the Humboldt below weighed in at nearly 40 lbs! Catch what you want, but use what you take.

Preparing these beasts for the table takes a bit more than merely dredging through breadcrumbs and deep frying.

Fried Giant Squid

1. Ice your catch as soon as you can and then wash the fillet thoroughly. Some use a high-pressure garden hose and really wash it.

2. Gut and behead the squid, fillet it and remove all membranes. Do this as soon after catch as possible. You may be left with doormat fillets -- separate what you want to eat right away from what will be frozen.

3. Soak the fillet in milk (some prefer buttermilk) overnight or, preferably, for 24 hours. Put the remaining fillets, in meal-sized portions, into the deep freezer in air-tight containers.

3. To cook it, cut the fillet into half-inch-thick, 6-inch by 8-inch pieces, and tenderize each fillet by lightly pounding. Wrap the strips around two slices of pepperjack cheese and a strip of Ortega chile.

4. Secure the fillet with toothpicks on the ends and in the middle. Dilute each egg white with a tablespoon of water for each egg, and whip until foamy. Dip the fillets into the egg foam.

5. Bread the fillet in a mixture with two parts white corn meal to one part corn starch.

6 Fry in peanut oil, @ 320 to 350 degrees, for three minutes or so on each side (if you see the cheese come out the other end, you know).

6. Tops it with drawn butter, garlic and lime juice and salts to taste.

The Humboldt is excellent as a BBQ candidate, too!

You can find other ideas online, such as at and at

It goes great with a few cold Coronas no matter how you cook it.