Hurricane Irene: Before, during, and after (Video)

For some way up north, Hurricane Irene was The Hurricane That Wasn't, but the massive storm left plenty of devastation in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York as it raged its way up the eastern seaboard over the weekend. Tornadoes touched down near Philadelphia, millions of people are still dealing with prolonged power outages, at least 18 people have been killed in eight states, 137 miles of New York State's main highway was washed out, and New York City shut its public transportation system down for the first time ever due to weather.

Here's how the hurricane looked as it made its way north:

In the Bahamas, the palm trees in Paradise Island look like they're about to be torn out by the roots in this video shot by Mike Theiss of Ultimate Chase:

In Puerto Rico, more than a million people lost power as the storm ripped down trees and flooded the streets with rain:

Hurricane-driven waves pounded the piers in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, on Saturday:

Residents of Lewes, Delaware, had to deal with both Hurricane Irene and the tornadoes it spawned:

Those who defied evacuation orders in Long Island, N.Y., had to deal with flooding and destruction:

This time-lapse video of Hurricane Irene passing over New York City took our breath away:

Here's the view of Irene (now a tropical storm) from the International Space Station on at 4:09 p.m. EDT on Sunday. The storm, which is moving toward New England in the video, is about the size of Europe:

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