ICamera: 8 Apps that Help You Take Photos like a Professional

9 apps to help you take the best photos ever9 apps to help you take the best photos everI have a slight obsession with Instagram. I love the pretty pictures and the encouraging and positive community. Because my blog is primarily dedicated to style, beauty and fashion, Instagram has become a huge part of my work as well -- whether I am taking pictures to share with my audience or browsing Instagram for inspiration.

I probably take about 20 photos a day, although I only post 4-5 and, embarrassingly enough, it takes me about 3-5 minutes to process each picture. What, with all the different tools and filters, there's a lot of thought that goes into posting the best possible version of your photo! There are a ton of apps out there to help you get it right -- in fact, using these apps can be as fun as using Instagram itself! Here are my favorite iPhone apps that help me take fun and pretty photos, and some tips for taking photographs when you're out and about.

VSCO Cam ($0.99) is the primary camera app I use to actually shoot my pictures. I find it takes the clearest pictures, with the purest light, and I love the editing options available within the app. It's an easy way to adjust fill light, exposure, saturation, color and more, all in one place. The only thing I don't love is that the camera itself is a bit slow, so if my light is good enough and I'm trying to take quick pictures of the kids doing something with a lot of quick movement, like running, I just go back to my standard iPhone camera app.

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PicFX ($1.99) is a fun app to add pretty twinkly lights, grain and texture to your photos. I don't personally love the filter options, and prefer the standard Instagram filters more, but it's a fun app to have available when you want to add some sparkle and shine to your photos.

Afterglow ($0.99) is my favorite for cropping, and I love the black and white filters on this app the most. I use this app for most of my cropping needs. Because the standard Instagram app crops a big portion of your photo, Afterglow has some great border options that keep your photo the same size as you shot it, so nothing gets cropped out. It also has some fun borders like triangles, trapezoids and even hearts!

Photo Collage (Free!) is a great app when you want to do a collage of photos. It's very user friendly and has many different collage options.

Timer Cam Pro ($1.99) allows you to set up a timer on your phone! There's a 3 second beep that is quite loud and can be heard over even the loudest toddler! It's great to have when you want to get a photo of the whole family, but no one is around to take your picture!

Phonto (Free!) is fun when you want to add text to your photos. Lots of different font options and colors available to customize your grams!

Camera + ($0.99) used to be my main photo taking app until I found VSCO Cam. Now I mainly use it when we're in bad lighting as it has a focus option that fills the picture with light.

Other fun options include apps like Duomatic ($0.99-1.99) that allows you to layer photos on top of each other for a neat effect. I don't use the app myself, but a lot of friends use and recommend it.

So what are some fun photo apps that you love? Does your list have any crossover with mine, or do you use a totally different set? There are so many out there, it's always fun to get good recommendations from others!

- By Andrea Howe
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