In Hindi "Kharbuja ko dekhkar Kharbuja rang badalta hai "to corruption ko charon taraf dekhkar Koi department kabhi bacha hai?

Recent scams all round being coming to light and it seems that no Department has escaped the eyes of vigilance and a number of commettees are proping up,
But we should be more cautious about our health being kept free from the corruption effecting our lives iif any such activity exists in the food deparment such in the Directorate of Marketing and Agricaltural and relatd bodies.
As temptations are always there as to see people flourishig through corruption generally like in Hindi
"Kharbuja ko dekh kar Kharbuja rang Badal ta hai", The Government of India is also considering to bring the law to control the corruption rooting from corrtupt oficials and like.
Now that the customs and Excise Depart ment and other infrastructures depart ment are found not above doubts so why no activbity of scanning done in the other vital Departments like AGMark in the Agricaltural Department which have number of Class one Officers whose house and residences are no less than Mahals, is it possible that they are so paid that they can afford all this.and their behaviour with the public is as if some English men of the British ruler are there.
we hope it is a serious matter andwill draw attention from the Government.