In Memoriam; Evolution of a Woman

Many of you may be thinking that this Blog is a dedication. In fact, it is. Keep reading. In my early morning prayer I was reminded that in order for me to be thankful, I have to let go. "Tomorrow is never promised" to anyone but, how you spend your time determines where you will be when Christ calls you home. I battled this year with friends coming and going. I have battled with work and transitions through life (those closest to me know the details). I have met many people either online or in person who has left me with a seed to sow or even words to remember in order to be closer to my calling.

My calling is being a soldier for Christ. My actions, I pray, have been doing just that. At times I have struggled, but I press on. This holiday season is not about being "one-up" on someone. Matter of fact, 2009 isn't even about that.

It's NOT about:

  • How many number one books one may have.
  • How many friends you have.
  • How hard you can prove you love someone.
  • How much money is or is not in your account.
  • How long of a line you had to stand in order to get lil' Mookie a gift that he will only play with for an hour and then forget about it.
  • It's not about the car, clothes, house or lack there of.
  • How much you tithe and tell.
  • Who preaches or sings the best.
  • Telling people that you fast or,
  • who has a number one hit song or movie.

It's about life and love for Christ, Everday. How well have you been standing to your promise with Him? Has your words and actions been pleasing in his site? Do you forgive? Do you love? Are you listening to the Spirit that tells you what is right or wrong?

Christ died for your spiritual growth and walk with Him, spreading the word through your actions and ministries that He has birthed and groomed within you. Are you a saint or a sinner? Are you a follower and believer, if so, do you show it? Do you believe in God? If so, the steps you take, the words you make, the things you do, are they abiding by Him and His calling for you? I have tried and will keep moving on, pressing closer to His unchanging hand. My Spirit knows that He Was, He Is, and He is to come. When He see's you face to face during your day of glory, can you look Him in His eyes or will you look down or away because you know in your heart what your actions were not pleasing towards Him. This is not or never will be about us ladies, it's about Christ! Always has and always will be bottom line. Even if you are a woman who has been attacked from all angles, it is still about Him and how well you trust in Him. Sister Maya Angelou calls a woman of stregnth Phenomenal, but the Bible calls her Virtuous. Where do you stand and how virtuous are you? God bless you this season and many seasons to come. Have a safe and happy holiday. He Lives in me, let Him Live in you! God bless.


My Memoriam to Christ, let Him live through me.

Embrace who you are, Enhance who you are, and You will Evolve into More!!