Inspirational Office Moment: The most beautiful file folders in the world? I think so

Photo Credit: Nantaka JoyPhoto Credit: Nantaka JoyAllow me to welcome you back from your (hopefully) long, relaxing holiday weekend with a little office cheer in the form of The Most Beautiful File Folders In The World. Design whiz (and righteous blogger) Joy Deangdeelert Cho's Nantaka Joy paper goods line now includes recycled-paper kraft file folders detailed with gorgeous copper and silver floral and leaf patterns. Not exaggerating, they are like jewelry for your desk. I especially love the combination of rough brown paper with shiny, feminine details, which I've been appreciating in the notebook form for some time, but unfortunately could not justify purchasing because I already have a stack of about six blank notebooks in my desk waiting to be used. The folders are sure to cost more than plain manila versions, but these are maybe the only designer folders I've seen that actually seem worth it. Available only at Anthropologie stores; get 'em while you still can.

Photo Credit: Nantaka JoyPhoto Credit: Nantaka Joy

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