International Pillow Fight Day was this weekend and, man, did it look fun... (video)

Sometimes (most times) in life we're so caught up in go-go-go, busy-busy-busy-busy, I-must-be-important-because-I-have-so-much-stuff-to do!, that we forget the simple, awesome, unexpected pleasures this planet has to offer. Like pillow fighting. Over the weekend, organized mobs of folks gathered in more than 100 cities (from Hong Kong to Paris to New York to Budapest) to participate in a new holiday they're calling International Pillow Fight Day. Once there (um, as the name suggests) they went all-out at each other with feather-filled sacks. The results are exuberant, childlike, playful-basically just everything good. Check it out:

New York:

(Shot by Workers of the East)

Hong Kong:

Los Angeles: