Is it in the bottom of the list of development that the Indian Hospitals may be ever put to global Standards?

That since the times of Britishers left India the most important health factor "HOSPITALS" have been the most negleted ones, leaving apart some private Hospitals- costly and beyond the reach of the Indians generaly.
The population since have trippled but the Hospitals and colleges are in trhe same conditiions,showing old ages and need ing reparing of the buildings and apparatuses and moderizations,but for simply consoling the public which mostly have to go to private hospitals, at the risk of selling their hard earned property etc.
It is well known at Agra that the doctors students hAVE SUFFERED from latest deseases due, to dirty enveronment in the hostels with depilated rooms and with no cleanliness at all, resulting to this tragic hisatory
When any doctor is adicted to dirtyness how can it be that when he starts his practices he will convess cleanlness to patients, considering his own condition.
The beauty is that after so many medical Doctors having suffered the administration formed commettee to solve the problems
The country is proud of sports and it s functions but no care about the health of the nation
Higher authorites to please come out of the sleep.