Is It OK To Spritz Perfume In Public?

Imagine that you're in your cubicle, getting ready for a meeting where you hope you'll encounter that cute guy from accounting, and you spritz a little fragrance on your pulse points... and the next thing you know, vast swaths of the building are being evacuated. That apparently happened to some poor woman in Ft. Worth, Texas, where 34 co-workers were hospitalized and more than 100 others treated and released.

To prevent sending your coworkers (or anyone!) to the hospital, learn how to apply your perfume properly. Check out our insider's guide on how to apply fragrance.

Firefighters, who initially assumed it was a gas leak, now speculate that a few people may have had a bad reaction to her fragrance and the rest were suffering from group hysteria. But anyone who lived through the eighties and suffered Giorgio-On-the-Elevator Syndrome has to empathize. The first rule of fragrance is that someone ought to be close enough to kiss you before they can detect the scent. Agree?

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