Is the present Political scenario ,not reminding us of the ruling the slaves by Peer, Babbarchi and Bhisthi in the bygone days of the Mugals?

The Indians woke up after deep sleep and sufferings at the hands of a few Political personalities, considering them selves as the masters of the fate of the sleeping nation tolerant of the access of their doings but not caring about how bad it has been affecting the nation under rampant corruption and disturbed civil order, are suddenly awakened by Shri HAZARE -old Gandhian . whom most of the self possed persons consider this out of date Gandhian policy believer with respect to global markets which has been responsible for a major loot of the country's money at the hands of their coleages or friends etc. But a fast to death they thought may be a hoax was discouraged by them as that they had never cared to watch the pulse of the nation (A sleeping Lion) suddenly shook them off and made them to surrender to the will of the people. But still it is paining them and they are giving interviews to the media just distracting the people as saying though a group is set but that will fail too as it has been for the last so many decades and the corruption could not be controlled . It is just like the story of thePEER, BABBARCHI AND THE BHISTHI OF THE MOGALS WHO COULD SOLVE ANY PROBLEM, REGARDING RELIGION FOOD AND FARMING ETC BY THEIR YES SINGLE. MAN. expert in every field. Like our few amongst one arab citizons in India who could handle any problem of any field and in any ministry and that too in a few moments.. Mostly the result would be that the problem is very difficult and requires a lot f time and money which they have not yet with them so the problem may be closed sine die..