It seems Indian" SADHUS" or fake ones are been drawn for or against the corruption melody in Indian politics .

It is well kown that if any body becomes SADHU he has to leave all worldly activities and keeps himself absorbed in his own self, but if any group if formed and take a path to interfere in the politics under the garb of some Sadhus organisation and tries to raise some points to the authorities or try to lead the procession to the President of India to complain against the other Sadhu Baba Ram Dev or other Sadhus is for their working at other places in the world and collecting money and depositing it into foreign countries etc,. Where as such fake organizations of Sadhus either are not worried about recent scandals, scams and loss of millionjs of rupees deposited in the Swis banks etc but they are troubled for about their fellow sahus ,or rather are guided by some interested political parties- not interested in the anti corruption activities of Mr Hazare and supporters, to put the agitation into background so as to make feel the public that it is some sadhus are acting in India and at first they should be brought to book then to discuss the corruption episode;. That is why the media is also propogatting the cause of such sadhus not worth the name of Geniune sadhu by their social activity Indian mass is not of such poor intelegence that it may be miss guided by such anti national activity of the interested politicians.