It's a touch-screen world; keep it clean

WBuy Toddy Gear microfiber screen cloths here.Buy Toddy Gear microfiber screen cloths here.e spend so much of our day peering at screens -- smartphones, tablets, e-readers and TVs -- isn't it time we see that world more clearly? The Toddy smart cloth is a safe, stylish way to take the oily fingerprints, smudges and smears off your screens and lenses, without harsh liquid cleansers. It's double-sided, with a plush microfiber side for cleaning and buffing, and a silk microfiber side for polishing. Each Toddy cloth is also treated with an antimicrobial coating to resist bacterial growth that can lead to mold and mildew.

Todd Gabel, Toddy GearTodd Gabel, Toddy GearThe founder of Toddy Gear is entrepreneur Todd Gabel, who envisioned cloths that look as good as the cool gadgets they're keeping clean. The dapper prints and hip colors mean you'll never mistake your Toddy for some tired, old rag in a cleaning closet. These cloths look more like a part of your wardrobe (some guys even use them as pocket squares) than a cleaning accessory. That's just what Todd intended. After all, we invest a lot in our electronic gadgets. It only makes sense to put some effort into their protection.

Buy Toddy Gear microfiber screen cloths here.

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