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Buy Tru Eco induction here.Buy Tru Eco induction here. How would you like a kitchen helper that's fast, powerful and economical? Why not invite the Tru Eco induction cooker right in. This compact cooktop from Select Brands works by inducing, or transferring, heat through magnetic fields (you'll need an induction-compatible metal pan or pot to sustain the magnetic field). It can go from 125 degrees to 425 degrees in an instant, and it cools down just as quickly. Plus it's incredibly energy-efficient compared to traditional gas burners and electric ranges, which can experience heat energy loss approaching 50%. This little powerhouse packs a serious punch.

Buy Tru Eco induction here.Buy Tru Eco induction here.Having an extra burner around holiday time is a real bonus. If space is limited in your apartment or condo, the Tru Eco takes up precious little room. Tailgating? Camping? Set up is a snap, and the ceramic finish cleans up in a jiffy. It's a great gift for the person who has everything. Save time, money and energy while you give your kitchen an easy upgrade that won't put a dent in your wallet or the environment.

Buy the compact and portable Tru Eco induction cooker here.

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