It's like Netflix for dresses: No-guilt couture!

Got a big event coming up? A wedding weekend? A fundraiser? Can you imagine turning heads in a Diane Von Furstenberg or Proenza dress you saw on the pages of Vogue this season? Exorbitant prices usually put that kind of couture out of reach, but Daily Grommet found a way around the problem.

Rent The Runway's designer dress rental programRent The Runway's designer dress rental program
Rent the Runway makes dreams come true for fashion lovers on a budget. It's a service that lets members rent designer dresses for a fraction of their retail prices. (You can get two sizes to make sure a dress fits, and if you can't decide between two different dresses, you can rent a second dress for just $25.) You get to wear the dress of your choice, look amazing in it, then return it to the company. They do the dry cleaning - simply ship it back in the box you received with a postage-paid label. What could be easier?

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter, Rent the RunwayJennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter, Rent the Runway The idea for the service hatched after Jenn Hyman (on the left) watched her younger sister fret about what to wear to a wedding. She wanted something stunning, but the designers she loved were out of her budget. Jenn told her Harvard Business School classmate Jenny Carter Fleiss about the dilemma, and the two friends started brainstorming. They launched the Rent the Runway site just last month, and it's been a huge hit at a time when we're all watching our wallets… but still coveting spectacular outfits. So sign up, find your perfect dress and enjoy the party.

Learn more about Rent The Runway's designer dress rental program and how you can sign up here.

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