Get a Job: 5 Ways to Help Your Teen Get Hired

teenteenThere are many aspects of getting a job that may not be understood by first-time applicants. If your teen is in the market for a job, you can certainly help but it will also be beneficial for them to go through the process on their own without you doing everything. Here are some tips to help your teen through the process of getting a job without doing all of the work.

Review the Opportunities

Whether your teen wants to work part-time while still in school or if they are seeking seasonal, summer work point them to the places they can look such as the newspaper classifieds or the local mall where help wanted signs may be posted. Kids may also be more aware than you of the online sites where job postings are available.

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Review Your Networking Connections

Many parents may already have an 'in' for their teen at a friend's company. You can certainly suggest these opportunities but ultimately let your teen take part in the decision-making process of where they want to work.

Assist With Applications/Resume

Most teens looking for their first job will not be required to turn in a resume but will need to fill out the applications. Make sure they do the work themselves so they are familiar with the information being required on the paperwork. Show your teen how and where to find necessary information they need to supply to potential employers. You may want to explore what a resume and cover letter look like for future reference even if it is not needed for their first job.

Interview Review

Teens may not have any idea of what to expect in an interview so it can be helpful to practice a few times interviewing them at home. Let them provide their own feedback but you can give them pointers in areas where they may lack experience and poise to present themselves properly.

Payroll Details

Your teen may not be thinking much about the money aspect of a job outside of what they will be able to buy with their paycheck. This is a good time to explain the concept of taxes and other deductions that will come out of payroll. Parents should also encourage a savings plan with their teenagers who lack personal finance experience. Teaching young adults to save a certain percentage of every paycheck is a great lesson to take into adulthood. Give your teen some room to make purchase decisions with the remaining cash so they can begin to understand the value of hard work and financial independence.

-By Anna Newell Jones

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