Join us for a Shine Twitter chat on tax questions

ThinkstockThinkstockTrue, the tax deadline looms a little later than usual this year--April 18--thanks to the Emancipation Day holiday celebrated in Washington, D.C. on Friday April 15. But don't fool yourself: it is still fast approaching.

Whether you have yet to pull together all of your receipts and financial statements from the past year to do your taxes yourself, or you have neatly delivered all of your financial documents to an accountant, you probably have some last-minute questions to ask. We at Shine certainly do. That's why we are planning a Twitter tax chat on Thursday, March 31, from noon to 1 p.m. ET to get some tax questions, big and small, answered. Find us at @YahooShine #YShineChat.

Jill Schlesinger: Jill on Money/CBSMoneyWatch.comJill Schlesinger: Jill on Money/CBSMoneyWatch.comJill Schlesinger from CBS MoneyWatch will be joining the chat to answer your most pressing tax questions, from what tax deductions am I missing? to how can I avoid a tax audit?

You can find her Jill on Money blog here, and follow Jill on Twitter @jillonmoney. Shine Editor Lylah M. Alphonse (@WriteEditRepeat) will be on hand to lead the discussion, along with other Shine editors!

Schlesinger, a Certified Financial Planner , is Editor-at-Large for She also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, "Jill on Money," a talk/call-in show that helps listeners take control of their financial lives.