July 9th is Intern Appreciation Day

Today is July 9 . Do you know where your intern is?

It's Intern Appreciation Day. Do you employ a summer intern? Does your workplace offer internships and training programs for novices or career changers?July 9th is Intern Appreciation DayOffice staff photo by MConnors - MorgueFile

This is the day to take your intern to lunch ... especially if your intern is on-the-ball, rather than out to lunch, on a daily basis.

Bosses: Here's your Intern Appreciation Day alert!

Because Intern Appreciation Day falls on a Saturday this year, you might may choose to celebrate this appreciative holiday with your company or department on Monday, when your workplace is in full swing.

That gives you all weekend to come up with terrific ways to express your personal and professional gratitude to your intern (or interns) for a summer's worth of free or cheap labor.

As nearly everyone knows, interns are often the hardest working folks around. These junior staffers slug it out, day after day, hoping to gain on-the-job experience, pump up their professional resumes, gain employment references and build their own career networks.

How much do you appreciate your intern?

How about offering your own intern a gift card for a favorite store or coffee house, sending her a lovely fruit or flower bouquet or even presenting this special staffer with summer concert or movie tickets?

Just don't stop at The Gap to buy your intern a spiffy new navy blue dress. (Don't ask. We won't tell.)

Are you a summer intern?

Don't let your boss off the hook easily. Tweet or email the http link to this story to your employer. Put the link on her Facebook wall. Give your supervisor, manager or director the opportunity to display an attitude of gratitude for all of your sweat and service.

Happy Intern Appreciation Day on July 9.

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