Should Justin Bieber Be Allowed Behind the Wheel of $230,000 Ferrari After Latest Hit and Run?

By Spencer Cain, The Vivant

Justin Beiber Another day, another ridiculously pricey drama for Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old is seemingly always in the headlines for driving-related snafus, and obviously today is no different. It's being reported that last night, the Biebs committed a major no-no when he was cruising around Hollywood in his $230,000 white Ferrari-the same one he allegedly terrorized his swanky gated community in Calabasas in.

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According to reports, he was exiting a comedy show at The Laugh Factory alongside his partner in crime, rapper Lil Twist, at 11:45 p.m. last night. The paparazzi naturally went nuts, and the valet clearly brought around his sleek whip. The duo hopped in and attempted to flee the area, but apparently, a photographer has his leg lodged in between the Ferrari and another parked car-so he was ultimately injured.

Bieber didn't wait around to see the aftermath, and he and Lil Twist went out into the night to do whatever the hell you do when you're 19 and worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The photog was taken in an ambulance to the hospital, and the police showed up to survey the scene. At the moment, it seems that Bieber has been cleared in the case-but we're not so sure, especially after watching this video of the incident.

What do you think-is Biebs out of control, or just having fun with his money?

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