Kate and Wills fax their save-the-date cards. Really, we're still faxing?

Do Kate Middleton and Prince William know about Evites? It will change their lives. (Getty Images)Do Kate Middleton and Prince William know about Evites? It will change their lives. (Getty …If you didn't get your Save the Date to Kate and Wills' royal wedding, it may be because you're one of the millions of people who don't own a fax machine. The future king and queen of England requested the presence of major sovereignty to their April 29 wedding via smudged print, shiny paper and the dinky phone connection noises most of us haven't heard since 1999. While more formal gold embossed invitations will go out to all their 1,800 guests next month, the early note was part of European protocol: major leaders get the memo first.

While world leaders are likely to have fax machines in their offices, they're also likely to be dusty. Ever since the advent of scanners, email, and iPads, fax machines have gone the way of 8-tracks. They're slow, unreliable, and hard to find if you don't live within blocks of a Kinkos. Still, several professional interactions still require a fax number. Can't we all just agree to retire this mode of communication? Forget privacy: if you do manage to send a fax to the right number, it sits in an actual outbox for all the office to see. And in the case of Wills and Kate-whose message hopefully fell into the right hands-wouldn't an E-vite have looked better? This way no one has to get black ink on their hands.

Some old technology still holds its ground. The landline telephone is steadfast, cheap, and doesn't leave that niggling feeling you're getting brain cancer. Record players have an authentic vintage sound not as easily captured on mp3s. But faxes have been improved: it's called email attachments, also known as the internet. The assumption that anyone should make their way to a fax machine when we've got laptops right in front of us verges on rude. Sorry Wills and Kate, your fax was a wedding faux pas-unless of course you guys are planning a 90s-themed wedding. If that's the case, need a DJ?


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