Kate Middleton quits her job to concentrate on her wedding. Would you?

Photo by Getty ImagesPhoto by Getty ImagesWith her wedding date looming in late April, princess-to-be Kate Middleton quit her job as project manager of Party Pieces in order to focus on the full-time job of planning her wedding and getting ready to be a Royal.

An aide confirmed to People magazine that Middleton, 29, "has handed over her work to colleagues and is now preparing for her future life."

Talk about quitting your career to focus on your husband. Middleton has worked as a website designer, photographer, party planner, marketer, and events organizer -- though, to be fair, following in Princess Diana's footsteps could be a career unto itself.

The press kept its distance while Middleton and Prince William were dating in school in Edinburgh, but once they got engaged, all bets were off. It's hard enough to go out in public when you have flashbulbs going off in your face every time you step outside; this reluctant celebrity also has to put up with seeing her face plastered on mugs, postcards, commemorative plates, silver spoons, and other memorabilia-not to mention an unendorsed, unofficial lookalike. How's a girl supposed to get anything done in the office?

Middleton isn't expected to return to work after the wedding (it's likely that she'll become a charity patron, one of the preferred Royal professions), but opting out of the workforce probably won't lead to any financial problems for her. And if she ever did decide to return to work, chances are good her bosses would take her back-they are her parents, after all.

Have you ever worked for your parents? Did that make it easier or harder for you to leave your job? And, speaking of quitting... would you quit your career to focus on your wedding?

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