Kim Kardashian's new song: What do you think? (video)

Photo from kimkardashian.celebuzz.comPhoto from kimkardashian.celebuzz.comKim Kardashian debuted her new song, "Jam (Pump it Up)" on the Ryan Seacrest show yesterday and, so far, the critics aren't impressed.

It starts with a high-pitched whine that sounds like her producer left a microphone a little too close to a speaker, and then fades into random night-club noise before launching into a loop of Kardashian droning "Turn me up, Turn me up, Turn me up" and "Yeah, yeah, yeah" 16 times in a row. Each. Then she starts singing-kind of. She sounds bored. Or like she's reading simple words off of a dim teleprompter after taking Ambien.

On the floor I cant stand still
And I'm goin to work like I'm paying my bills (bills)
My whole clicks on the floor (the floor)
We gon party, then party some more (some more)
Rozay up in the air
Feeling good, feeling great, just got paid.

Though the lyrics are kind of autobiographical. So, keeping it real? Maybe. Still, "Its lyrics appear to have been penned by a third-grader who is writing a short story about what adults do when they go clubbing," Jen Chaney writes at The Washington Post's Celebritology 2.0 blog. "Also, It makes Ke$ha sound like the Bob Dylan of party pop."

Of course, the song is really just a vehicle for the video, which is being directed by Hype Williams, the man responsible for Kanye West's "Gold Digger" video. And, if the photos Kardashian released recently are any indication, the video will showcase more of her actual talent: Posing (clothing optional) and looking hot (even in crazy cornrows).

Ready? Take a look/listen:

What do you think? Does Kim have a hit on her hands, or should she stick to reality TV and being famous for being famous?

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