Larry King, Style Icon: "I like leather"

Fashionista Larry King surrounded by doting women (Magnus Unnar/Harpers Bazaar)Fashionista Larry King surrounded by doting women (Magnus Unnar/Harpers Bazaar)
And you thought he was all about suspenders. Harper's Bazaar turned the mic on the talk show host to find out his fashion secret. No really, they found out his fashion secret.

"I like leather," says King who also compliments the style savvy of Lady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest in the interview. Know what else he likes? "I love those new sneakers, Skechers [sic], that give a lift inside."

Oh dear. A 77 year-old man dressed in calf-enhancing sneakers designed for 14 year-old girls and unspecified leather gear? I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Well maybe he's just talking about wearing a black leather jacket. That wouldn't be so bad.

"I've got a bright-red Bijan jacket...I'm not afraid to wear bright things. This one looks like Michael Jackson."

Ladies and ladies: the real Larry King. With his on-air tenure coming to a close, expect to see him abandoning his work clothes and embracing his weekend gear. You know, the kind of outfit that's perfect for a stroll in the park, with a shopping cart of empty cans.

In other news, this man does really well with women.