Letterpress Machine: Tabletop DIY Letterpress Equipment

Lifestyle Crafts' DIY letterpress machineLifestyle Crafts' DIY letterpress machineImagine crisp, graphic impressions that are sunken into the fibers of thick paper and brought to life with vibrant inks. If the classic beauty of letterpress stirs your inner craft-lover, this Grommet's for you.

Michelle Rasmussen, Lifestyle Crafts.Michelle Rasmussen, Lifestyle Crafts. Lifestyle Crafts has made it possible to practice the art of letterpress at home, with its DIY kit. It has everything you need to print beautiful invitations, note cards, stationery and more. The tool that does the heavy lifting... er, heavy rolling... is the Epic 6, designed by Michelle Rasmussen. To create your custom projects, you roll inked printing plates through the Epic tool, which applies pressure to form impressions on the soft, thick letterpress paper.

Buy Lifestyle Crafts' DIY letterpress machine here.Buy Lifestyle Crafts' DIY letterpress machine here.The Letterpress Combo Kit comes with the Epic 6 tool, plus die cutting tools, printing plates, packing mats (for controlling the depth of the letterpress impressions), inks and paper. You can also choose additional inks and themed sets of printing plates designed for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby events or the holidays. There's no better way to make a great impression!

Buy the Lifestyle Crafts' DIY letterpress machine here

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