Levi's New Mentor: David Weintraub, Hollywood's Biggest Playa

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At the opening of a tattoo parlor in Vegas, baby-
I'm sorry, is my limited edition Ed Hardy jacket too real for you? Yeah.
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:03 PM EDT
Levi did it: he landed himself a reality show. Or at least a reality pitch. After a rumored "newlywed" project with his ex Bristol Palin, he settled on show called "Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor's Office", about running to be the mayor of Wasila, Alaska. Who in the world could have talked him into that?

That's be David Weintraub, one of the show's creators, professional reality show cameo actor, and Hollywood d-bag of the century. You may recognize him from the short-lived series "Sons of Hollywood", a real life entourage featuring himself alongside the great Randy Spelling. No? How about "Date my Ex: Joe and Slade", where he appeared as a studly suitor, out-d-bagging Slade Smiley in an attempt to charm a former "Real Housewife." Trust me, it was a show. Well you must know about "Sober House", Dr. Drew's spin-off series that keeps following famous addicts until they manage to catch the caboose of a freight train in the middle of the night. Weintraub showed up as porn star Mary Carey's dysfunctional other-half.

So what does this guy actually do for a living? He's a playa.

In the business department, he's follower of the Spencer Pratt school of fame. Adopt a misfit, build a show around him and then play a villain and snag the spotlight. However dim it is.

It makes sense that Levi is his latest project. Though it's a step up from Randy Spelling. A quick trip to DWE Talent--his company website--shows a client roster akin to a celebrity graveyard : Kari Ann Peniche, Kimberly Stewart, Scott Storch, Slade Smiley, Crazytown. Uh Oh. Sex on Skates is on a fast track to Dr. Drew's Sex Rehab. If he's smart, and it's not likely, Levi will model himself, not after Weintraub's clients, but Weintraub himself.

In five years he could be dating a porn star, making appearances on the red carpet at the Fox Reality Awards and handing out business cards with the job title "entrepeneur".

But that kind of success doesn't happen over night. Remember, the mall closes at 9. First, he's got to acquire Weintraub's look: aviator glasses worn indoors of course, an all black suit with a bright blue shirt for classy clubbing, a flip cell phone from the last century attached to the ear lest someone catches him not brokering a deal, and roll of one dollar bills surrounded by a twenty. High roller style.

Then he's got to build a myspace page with top 12 friends like Caroline D'amore and Courtney Semel. Following that he's got to pool his resources and host a party featuring Christian Audiger. Then he's got to have a long-suffering young Hustler model who just moved to Hollywood say things like "he's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet". Then he's got to make the cover of Fixation Magazine, looking like a playa.

Hey, Levi, where you going? There are still more rules...Check out the gallery for visual aids.