What Do You Lie to Your Partner About? (I Lie About Money)

All the money I lie about.I am not an inherently dishonest person. I don't cheat or steal; my issues with authority make me compulsively confessional to bosses, cops, the insurance guy, and our cleaning lady; and I'm not even one of those married ladies who casually flirts on Facebook. But I do lie to the person most important to in my life and when I lie, I lie about money.

Turns out, I'm not alone. In a recent poll of 23,000 women conducted by the "Today Show" and Self Magazine, 46 percent of women admitted to regularly lying to their partners about financial matters--everything from concealing debt to hiding major purchases.

To be clear, my own lies are not serious, I-jus'-gambled-the-house-away-at-my-wild-Pokeno-game, they're more small, meaningless (and unnecessary) fibs that I find myself unable to stop telling. I shave money off purchase prices, stretch the truth on bargains, and exaggerate my need to own new things. Usually my lies unfold like this:

Husband: "Is that a new dress? It's nice."

Me: "Yeah, I got on Gilt for, like, $20 [lie, it was $85], they were having some ridiculous super sale, where they were, like, giving away clothes [lie, they were just having a normal day], I have important meetings this week and needed something extra-good to wear [sort of lie, I always have important meetings, and I always need something to wear, nothing special about it]."

What's confusing about all of this, is that my husband does not care how I spend money. I mean, really not at all. I'd guess he doesn't remember 96 percent of the above conversations--even though we have them a few times a week.

So the lies are actually more about me, about my guilt for shopping and spending, about how I can never have enough, do enough, be still. One of the aspects of marriage that's both wonderful and terrible is you live with a witness to who you really are. While I like to think I'm a smart-shopping, modern mom/wife/business lady (havin' it all while savin' a dime, all the time!), the truth is how I deal with stress of my over-full life is by being a compulsive pleasure seeker who needs instant gratification, a person who buys new lipstick/a dress/earrings I don't need on days when I feel fat or insecure or overwhelmed. It's wasteful and dumb and, honestly, who wants someone else to know about that?

For an upcoming story on Shine, we're looking for your stories about lying. What do you most frequently lie to your partner about? If it's money, how do you lie? Do you hide purchases? Your credit score? How you forgot to pay a bill? Renovations? How much the fancy hand soap cost?

Spill your stories in the comments below!