Life is a b---- , so am I

In general, do we hate or love police officers? This question popped into my mind when I was cut off by a police car, and than, to my amazement, the officer shyly raised his hand to apologize for his bad mannered behavior. My first reaction included feelings such as "what an a..hole" and "who do you think you are". My initial outburst (it was a mental outburst) turned into though like "so you think you are a police officer and can get a way with this". He is not above the law, even if he enforces it.

And then a ray of light peeked through the darkness of my thoughts (and my darkening mood) bringing sun shine to all. All right, that might be a bit over exenterating, but I did see a light: light of sirens to be exact. You should have seen me. I had the biggest smile on my face. Ironic satisfaction filled me. I even silently encouraged the police officer to go after the "criminal" and punish him for his wrong doing (although I had no idea what sort of violation the guy committed, if any). To my amusement, and self satisfaction, him apologetically lifting him arm was an icing on a cake. Topped with a cherry. When was the last time a law enforcement agent apologized to you?

Analyzing my reaction, I discovered an unknown trait in myself what I am not certainly proud of. I asked my self: what made me so happy? I realized that my happiness is a result of someone else's misfortune. In other words, I enjoy the misery of others.

But is it really unusually? We have a tendency to laugh if someone fall or gets hurt, because we are happy that it didn't happen to us. If you turn on a news channel you will be over loaded with negativity. There is no such thing as good news. We like to see things that are bad in their nature. If you talk about news is often shocking, pessimistic and more then likely some suffered. And that's what, we the people, like. We seem to be concern about all those things, but in actuality it is just feeding our ego and making us feel good. As long as we are not the subject of the trouble we are happy.

Test your self next time, when you are driving in peace and some idiot flying by on the freeway. Try not to judge him, because if you tell me that you have never driven over the legal speed limit, I know you are lying.

It is amazing how my complete dissatisfaction turned into pleasure. And my love will turn into a dislike once again as soon as I am pulled over or have a negative encounter with law. I am happy if I am not the other person.

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