Living the Simple Life

I have gotten stuck in this mentality that I need to keep up with the next person and it is destroying my financial life. I have always thought of myself as someone who appreciates the simple things so I´m not sure at what point I started thinking I wanted so much more. I suppose it has to do with thinking the grass is greener on the other side and it´s definitely least not for me.

I´m actually considering throwing, selling or giving away a lot of my things. I just put my treadmill on Craigslist not because I don´t use it, but, because I don´t really need it. I´m at the gym every night so it´s really just taking up space and there are other ways to get my cardio in if I don´t happen to make it to the gym. I have clothes and shoes I´ll never wear again and so does my daughter. It´s just things piling up.

When my family moved from Mexico, we had nothing but we were happy. I think I just need to tap into that again and realize that it´s not things that make you happy, it´s the way you approach life and live it. It feels like when my house is cluttered, my life and my mind feel cluttered as well. Maybe I can be happy living a more simple life and maybe that´s not for everyone but I think it will be beneficial for myself and my daughter. Learn to appreciate the little things that and be grateful for what we already have. I always tell my daughter that she needs to be more appreciative of the things she has but I´m not taking my own advice. I need to set an example for her to follow. Will I truly be ok by getting rid of things I don´t need and will never use? Will I be satisfied missing the next Express sale? We shall see.

Anyone else live a simple life? Or do you feel the need to have the next great thing? Do you let things pile up? If not, how do you decided when it is time to get rid of something?