Love gardening, but lack space? Create a succulent wall garden!


There isn't anything you can't "learn" from a how-to Web search, right? Especially here at! But, I have to admit, nothing comes close to settling in for some DIY "studying" with a good book. Garden Up! by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet is my new favorite. Whether you're low on space and looking for smart ways to get growing, or just looking for creative ways to fill every bare spot on your massive lot, you'll love Morrison's and Sweet's stunning ideas.

Master Gardener and landscape designer Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet-her gardens have been featured in Fine Gardening and Woman's Day-offer up easy-care and space-smart solutions to green up your outdoor spaces. In fact, they've sent us the succulent wall how-to from their book to share.

Photo: Susan Morrison

STEP 1: Gather Your Tools

- A purchased, recycled, or constructed frame like the one shown here. The authors suggest living picture kits (plants, soil, frame) from Succulent Gardens. Prices range from $38-$95 per kit. Want to go more DIY? The writers recommend repurposing old shutters.

- Mounting hardware for the type of wall or fence you'll be hanging your living art on

- Succulents

- Sheet moss and cactus mix

- Garden scissors

- Floral wire

- Screen material


Photo: Susan Morrison

STEP 2: Bundle the Succulents

- Cut circles of screening material approximately 10- to 12-inches (Diameter varies depending on succulent size)

- Lay some sheet moss on the screen as a soil barrier, and put a little soil on top

- Place the succulent in the center and bundle as shown, securing with floral wire


Photo: Susan Morrison

STEP 3: Create Your Design

- Arrange your "bundled" plants, either filling the frame completely, or go for a minimalist look as shown above

For tips on maintaining your creation, and more space-smart-slash-just-plain-pretty ideas, pick up your copy of Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces, like, yesterday.

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