Make over your iPod: Better-than-gym-class back-to-school cardio playlist

Do visions of school-issued gym uniforms give you convulsions? Don't worry! We figured out a way to bring you the best of the back-to-school season without making you return (and, oy, some of us wouldn't want to go back there even if you paid us), How about a high energy playlist filled with autumn-y schoolyard vibes that you can listen to while revisiting the high school track and running the mile on your own terms this time? Frankly, that sounds a lot better than having to suffer through one more game of capture the flag.

  1. "Rock 'n' Roll High School," The Ramones
  2. "Be True to Your School," The Beach Boys
  3. "Punk Rock Academy," Atom and His Package
  4. "The Samurai in Autumn," Pet Shop Boys
  5. "And I Was a Boy From School," Hot Chip
  6. "New Friend Request," Gym Class Heroes
  7. "Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard," !!!
  8. "Concrete Schoolyard," Jurassic 5
  9. "School's Rules," Phoenix
  10. "Autumn Almanac," The Kinks
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Does the start of September reinvigorate your workouts and resolutions for health?



Photo credit: Thinkstock