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Jackie WoodsideJackie Woodside

If everything is energy, including you, then being mindful of the energies you are exposed to and consume can only serve to enhance your experience as an energetic being. When one begins to understand the intricacies of human consciousness, or energy, then it becomes increasingly obvious that living in and consuming large amounts of low consciousness, low energy media is as destructive to our spiritual well being as smoking is to our physical well being. That may seem like a strong claim, but there is substantial information available to back it up.

The field of consciousness research is exploding with information about ascending levels of human consciousness. Writers such as Dr. Bruce Schneider and Dr. David Hawkins have demonstrated that consciousness can be measured, and one can elevate consciousness in order to improve not only the quality of one's own life, but the quality of life on this planet.

The work of Schneider and Hawkins demonstrates that mainstream culture is geared toward lower energies such as violence, greed, competition, fear, worry, and despair. For most of us who are involved in holistic living, this will come as no surprise! According to research done by Dr. Bruce Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, the Average Resonating Level of consciousness of "mainstream America" at 2.4 of a 7 point scale. This means that energy at these lower is not enhancing or supportive of life. Most of what is available via mainstream media (newspapers, entertainment, television, magazines and internet sites) will not enhance your energy or consciousness. Television or music that is violent in nature, or that speaks of hatred, and anger creates energetic disharmony. There have been numerous social science research studies that indicate that being exposed to violence, violent themes or hate-laden messages correlates with higher degrees of depression, aggression, anxiety and a decrease in overall compassion and empathy across demographic lines (Anderson, Gentile and Buckley, 2007, Bushman and Anderson, 2009, Hawkins, 2006, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2009).

There are some practical strategies available for those of us who choose to abstain from the onslaught of mass media in our culture.

  1. Practice a regular "media fast" - A regular 24 hour media fast in which one does not engage with television, email, video games, newspapers or even mail gives us the opportunity to balance our energetic consciousness and heighten our awareness to our dependence or even addiction to media.If everyone complains of being too busy, why are there 27.3 million Tweets per day on Twitter? Don't get me wrong, I'm on Twitter and Facebook. I enjoy social media and the ease of using the internet. It is a amazing advancement in our growth as a human species. Yet it is imperative to use the technology, not have your life used by it.
  2. Becoming a "no TV" home is one of the best ways to limit your exposure to mass media. When I hear people saying that they cannot imagine living without television, I wonder what they are avoiding about their own lives, or what is it that makes their need to disengage on a regular basis so appealing. The mindless consumption of spoon fed "entertainment" leads such a low level of awareness, self esteem and enjoyment of life. How many people do you know that went to their grave saying they wished they had watched more TV before they made their final farewell? How many people say they wish they were more productive or that they don't have time for doing the things they love, yet spend precious hours mindlessly channel surfing?
  3. Choosing media and materials that reflect high consciousness values will serve your growth and overall sense of well being. There are many positive, uplifting, high-energy web based radio stations today such as UnityFM, Wisdom Radio Network and Achieve Radio. There are wonderful movies produced and distributed by Spiritual Cinema Circle. Upbeat magazines such as Ode, Unity, Science of Mind, Shambhala Sun and many more can satisfy our craving for information, while supporting our growth and development.

Our greatest tool is our mind, awareness and consciousness. They make us human and link us to the One Mind and one another. Our mind is the instrument that can lead us to deep joy and fulfillment, or to tremendous despair. Our choices with what we do with our mind have a significant effect on which way this goes. It's your life. Choose wisely.

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