Meet the Duchess of Alba. You're Welcome.

There's nothing like an eccentric older woman to brighten an average internet day. And the Duchess of Alba delivers. Today when she was crowned one of Vanity Fair's internationally best dressed, it was hard to continue reading the list of recipients. Followers of royal scandals may already be familiar with the 83 year-old. But for those who find this photo a revelation, prepare to have your mind blown with Duchess of Alba fun facts.

# For starters, she matches her red chinchilla coat with her eyeliner, people!

# She's related to Mary, Queen of Scots, Christopher Columbus and Winston Churchill.

# She has always enjoyed the company of male flamenco dancers and matadors.

# Her second marriage was to a Catholic priest.

# She hold over 44 noble titles (whatever that means)

#She wants to marry a guy who's 24 years younger but her children won't allow it.

#This is her full name (deep breath): Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva

#Her son-in-law is a freaking matador
#If Tom Cruise premieres a movie in Spain, he has to pose with her on the red carpet. Sorry but that's just how it is.

# She also doesn't have to kneel before the Pope because of her heritage.

#Her title also affords her the rite to ride a horse into the Seville Cathedral, says the London Times. I sincerely hope she's tried this at least once.

#She almost choked to death on orange juice after her grandson's wedding in '08.
From an article in the Independent: "Pulmonary, later cardiac, complications set in and a doctor reportedly saved her life. She has suffered circulation problems and reduced mobility for more than a year.
But days later, the duchess sallied from a restaurant and told the press she was fine, fuelling speculation that if she wins over the Queen, the marriage may go ahead after all."

# Wa-wa-wa wait. She sails from restaurants?!!

[Photos: Getty Images]