Messenger bags carry message of zero waste and sustainability

It's easy to get carried away by these messenger bags.

Buy Rickshaw Bagwork's nylon messenger bags here.Buy Rickshaw Bagwork's nylon messenger bags here.The "Zero" messenger bag from Rickshaw Bagworks is designed to eliminate wasted material. Scraps created during production are used in the bags and shipping materials, so nothing gets tossed. Read more about this in our blog. Zero bags are crafted from post-consumer material, sourced from U.S. companies and the bags are hand-made in San Francisco. When it's time to retire the bag (think years and years from now), it's recyclable.

The man behind Rickshaw is Mark Dwight (right), who set out to create a more sustainable, Mark Dwight, Rickshaw BagsMark Dwight, Rickshaw Bagsless wasteful bag - and he didn't skimp on looks, either. The Zero bag (available in four sizes) has a sleek, streamlined shape that highlights Rickshaw's incredible fabrics and urban sensibility.

Dane Pieri discovered Rickshaw; he lives around the corner from the company's factory. Dane PieriDane's unwavering enthusiasm for the Zero bag led to a trek across the country by Jules (his mom), who handpicked fabrics for 4 Daily Grommet designs. If you prefer to design your own bag , it's easy since each Rickshaw bag is made to order. (For free shipping on Rickshaw's site, use discount code: dailygrommet.) And if you live near San Francisco, you can even watch yours being made.

Buy Rickshaw Bagwork's nylon messenger bags here.

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