Miss Piggy's Secrets to a Successful Career

Photo by: Getty Images<br />Miss Piggy accepts an award on behalf of Diana Ross at the We Are Family Benefit Concert & Awards at The China Club in New York City in 2003.-<br />She's done it all: movie star, nurse, beauty queen, adviser, songbird, astronaut, martial arts expert, best-selling author, fashion consultant, tap dancer, truck driver, and now guest Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! Shine (not surprising, given her amazing performance as an intrepid news reporter in "Muppets From Space"). And she believes that you can do it all, too.

"I have always believed that moi had great natural gifts as a writer, and so one day not long ago I decided to answer the call of my Muse," she writes in the introduction to her New York Times best-selling book, "Miss Piggy's Guide to Life." "I did not embark lightly on a literary career! It is a very demanding craft, and I know, as only an author can, what long and lonely hours must be spent in careful preparation before so much as a single adversative or dejective is set to paper!"

Though self-help books aren't her favorite things to write -- "Plays, verses, epic poems, heroic couplets, and the shorter crosswords are my true metier," she confesses -- the "Muppet Show" actress tells her adoring fans that they, too, can find success in any field they choose.

"I myself spent many years engaged in assorted occupations which were frankly unworthy of a person of my many gifts, before I stumbled on this on basic secret of success: if you're properly attired, you're hired," writes the icon, who in 1996 was named one of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time. "What very few people realize is that there are only a handful of professions that require any actual knowledge or skill." 

Here are Miss Piggy's secrets for having a successful career, no matter what field you choose.

  1. Figure out what you love. "When you are trying to decide on a career, make sure that the profession that has captured your fancy has the essential things you are looking for," Miss Piggy suggests. "Don't get sidetracked early on by minor considerations like prestige, starting salary, and various benefits." Since her advice on this point was written at the start of an economic boom, focusing on salary with the goal of paying the bills is now permissible.
  2. Dress for the job. "Do you ever see a brain surgeon in a tutu or a high-priced attorney in gingham?" she asks.  "Of course not." Dressing appropriately is more even important at work than it is when you appear in pubic in general. "Clothing lends confidence, and confidence is essential to successful performance in any endeavor," the world-renown superstar says.
  3. Pay attention to what's going on around you. "The simple fact is that everyone in just about every occupation picked up everything he needed to know 'on the job'," she points out. "Let's face it: Everyone was taught just about the same things in school, and although most of it was quite fascinating, none of it is of the slightest bit of use, practically speaking, in a day-to-day job."
  4. Make sure you have room to grow. In Miss Piggy's case, she means growth in terms of increasing her wardrobe, but concedes that professional growth may be as important to some people.
  5. Your coworkers are not necessarily your companions. As when traveling, you should be aware of what information you share with the people around you. "If you're traveling alone, beware of seatmates who by way of starting a conversation make remarks like, 'I just have to talk to someone -- my teeth are spying on me' or 'Did you know that squirrels are the devil's oven mitts?' " The same is double true at work, whether you're in the bathroom or the boardroom.